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Engaging Indigenous Economy

List of tables

Table 10.1 Maṟuku Arts’ art market in Yulara

Table 10.2 Maṟuku Arts’ dot painting workshops

Table 10.3 Maṟuku Arts’ total annual expenditure on puṉu in 17 regional Aṉangu communities

Table 16.1 Summary of dealing provisions in the NTA and the statutory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land rights regimes around Australia (as at November 2014)

Table 19.1 Nyangumarta native title work by activity type, 1999–2014

Table 20.1 Gender of businesses across region: qualitative results

Table 20.2 Location of businesses across region and state: quantitative sample

Table 20.3 Role of spouse in the business (formal business partner and contributor to the business): qualitative results

Table 20.4 Community contributions of private, community and cooperatively owned businesses: quantitative results

Table 20.5 Community contributions of urban, regional and remote Indigenous businesses: quantitative results

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