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Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia

List of tables and boxes

Box 1.1: Farming, biodiversity and the future

Table 4.1: Summary of SMART goals respective case studies

Box 4.1: INFFER — Investment Framework for Environmental Resources

Table 12.1: Most frequently selected motivational areas and motives for native vegetation management practices, listed in order of importance to respondents

Table 12.2: Characteristics more likely to be found in adopters of specific land management practices

Table 13.1: What motivates pastoralists and graziers: Mean rating scores and factor loadings from a survey of northern Australian farmers (n=104)

Table 13.2: Attitudes of graziers and pastoralists towards biodiversity: Agreement with attitudinal statements and attitude factor scores from a survey of northern Australian farmers (n=104)

Table 13.3: Preferences for policy instruments and other measures: Perceived effectiveness based on a survey of northern Australian farmers (n=104)

Box 15.1: Before, during and after — timing of AES evaluation

Table 16.1: Likely transaction costs encountered in agri-environment schemes

Table 16.2: Likely differences in transaction costs between agri-environmental payment approaches

Box 17.1: Divide benefit by the cost — don’t subtract

Table 19.1: Attributes and constraints of distinct counterfactual and contrast scenarios

Box 22.1: Key elements of good design

Box 23.1: The question of value

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