Section III. The State, Religion and Tolerance

Table of Contents

10. Sacrilege: From public crime to personal offence
Sacrilege and sacramental violence
The spiritualising of religion and the desacralising of law and politics
Concluding remarks
11. Expressions of religiosity and blasphemy in modern societies
Religion and blasphemy
Attitudes towards blasphemy in Muslim countries and Australia
Blasphemous attitudes and religiosity
Religion, modernity and blasphemy
Discussion and implications
12. Negotiating the sacred in law: Regulation of gifts motivated by religious faith
Direct consideration of the donor’s religious motivations
Protection from exploitation
Priority given to competing values
Indirect consideration of the donor’s religious faith through the application of objective standards
Objective standards in legal doctrines and their application to donors of strong religious faith
The content of objective standards
13. Negotiating a religious identity in modern Japan: The Christian experience
The post-war experience
The legal system
Experience opposing the state
A trans-war perspective
Early background
The 1930s