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Fiducial Governance: An Australian republic for the new millennium


I have written this monograph for my grandchildren, in the hope that it might assist them and their generation in the securing of a worthwhile republic in Australia before the end of this century.

For helpful comments during the long period of gestation of this monograph, I wish to thank Ian Anderson, Peter Boyce, John Burke, Glyn Davis, Tom Davis, Grant Duncan, Geoff Gallop, Bob Gregory, John Halligan, Toby Halligan, Harshan Kumarasingham, David Latimer, the late Richard McGarvie, John Nethercote, Marcus Power, Jenny Stewart, John Wanna, John Warhurst and Roger Wettenhall.

My greatest debt is to Ann Morrow, who scrutinised the entire draft and made many helpful suggestions.

Finally, my thanks are due to the University of Melbourne, which provided a well-equipped office and access to library services throughout the work on this project. I would also like to record my appreciation of the professional way in which my manuscript has been edited for publication by Jan Borrie and John Butcher’s assistance and advice in relation to the publication process.

Anyone scanning the list of aforementioned colleagues will soon realise that there are many points at which most of them would disagree with my argument. They have all, however, provided me with useful feedback. All deficiencies of the work remain my responsibility.

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