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Passionate Histories: Myth, Memory and Indigenous Australia


This volume of essays has truly been a collaborative effort. We thank Ian Thorpe for writing the foreword, and we are honoured and excited to receive his support. We owe Sue Ballyn a special debt. As Director of Australian Studies at the University of Barcelona, she hosted a conference entitled Myth, Memory, and History, in June 2008. We thank her not only for organising such a pleasurable and stimulating event, but also for supporting our proposal to produce this volume, based in part on the conference papers. Earlier versions (in some cases much earlier versions) of some of these papers (those by Jay Arthur, Isabelle Auguste, Lyndall Ryan, Kristina Everett, Peter Read and Anna Cole) have been published in the Centre’s journal, Coolabah, vol 3, 2009, and we thank Sue for permission to publish these revised versions here.

We also thank Peter Read at Aboriginal History Inc for supporting this project from the beginning, and James Little for the cover image.

We would especially like to acknowledge all our contributors, for being easy to work with and joining in the spirit of the volume. Their ‘passionate biographical notes’ indicate their variety and commitment, and we are proud and delighted to have been able to draw together such a talented and dedicated group.

Finally, we enjoyed producing this volume, over many a long coffee in Glebe and Balmain coffee shops, and we trust that you, our readers, will enjoy reading it.

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