A Quest for True Islam

A Study of the Islamic Resurgence Movement among the Youth in Bandung, Indonesia

Rifki Rosyad

Table of Contents

Preliminary Pages
Chapter 1. Islamic Resurgence in Indonesia an Introduction
The Moral Force: Bandung in Historical Perspective
Islamic Resurgence and Tajdid (Renewal) Tradition
Islamic Resurgence: a Definition
Chapter 2. The Foundation of the Movement
Student Movement and Political Suppression
Historical Perception: Disappointment of The Past
Islam: The Only Alternative
International Influences
The Founder: An Individual Background
Chapter 3. The Development of the Movement
Three Channels: Campus Islamic Preaching Organisations, Public Mosques, and Underground Movements
Fertile Milieu
Chapter 4. Routinisation of the Movement: Impacts of Social and Political Changes
Social and political changes
ICMI: A New Hope
Changes: The Recovered Pain
Chapter 5. Conclusion: Continuation of TAJDID Tradition
Appendix A. The Meeting Forum of Islamic Campus Preaching Organisations
Appendix B. The Nature of Reformist and Modernist Islam
Appendix C. International Islamic Movements and Their Presence in Indonesia
Appendix D. Muslim Intellectuals' Movement at Glance
Appendix E. Moral Workshop Daarut Tauhid: a New Trend among the Youth