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Racial Folly: A twentieth-century Aboriginal family


All photographs in author’s possession unless otherwise indicated.

Cover Illustration: Sleeping arrangments for half-caste children. Jay Creek, Northern Territory, 1929.From Dr WD Walker Report on Aborigines N Aust (1928-1929), NAA: CRS A1 1928/10743. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 1: Map showing route of Overland Telegraph and railway including place names mentioned in the text.

Figure 2: School children at first ‘Bungalow’, Alice Springs, 1914. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 3: [original caption:] Half-caste children sleeping arrangements, Jay Creek, 1929-32. NAA: 1928/59. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 4: Meal time at the first ‘Bungalow’, Alice Springs, 1929-32. NAA: 1928/59. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 5: Building new dormitories at Iwaputarka (Jay Creek) 1929-32. See wiltja in foreground. NAA: 1928/59. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 6: St Francis House on day of inspection for proposed purchase, 1947. NAA: A431/1. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 7: Father Smith and Frank Moy inspecting St Francis House for proposed purchase, 1947. NAA: A431/2. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 8: St Francis House, late 1940s: from rear left to right, Jim Foster, David Woodford (in hat), Laurie Bray, Peter Tilmouth, Malcolm Cooper, (front) Gerry Hill, Tim Campbell and Vince Copley.

Figure 9: Mulgoa boys in cowshed, 1947: from left to right John Hampton milking cow while Tom Campbell and Ken Hampton look on. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 10: Mulgoa, New South Wales, 1949: from left to right James Stirling, Wally McArthur, Cyril Hampton and James Foster. Courtesy of National Archives of Australia.

Figure 11: Alice Springs railway station, 1952: self, my mother, Millie Glenn, Billy and Dennis at front.

Figure 12: Reunion of Amy Tennant, Millie Glenn and Mary Woodford at Rainbow Town, Alice Springs, 1951. These three girls were evacuated to Mulgoa at the same time as me.

Figure 13: My mother holding Sam, and Sandra on lawn at Administrator’s Residence, Alice Springs, 1952.

Figure 14: Christmas 1952 at St John’s Alice Springs: from back to front Jacky Campbell, Billy Briscoe (with hat), Phillip Bray in centre with Les Nayda and Harold Thomas (creator of Aboriginal flag).

Figure 15: St Francis House boys camping at Goolwa, 1953: from left to right Des Price, John Spencer, Denis Wickham (obscured), Jacky Campbell and Les Nayda (front).

Figure 16: St Francis House boys, 1953.

Figure 17: My brothers Billy and Dennis, at St Francis House in 1957.

Figure 18: Port Lincoln Soccer Representative side 1957. Self back row, second from left.

Figure 19: Croatia team 1960. Charlie Perkins back 3rd left, self 4th left.

Figure 20: Charles Perkins with President of Croatia North Adelaide club, John Moriarty and self, 1960.

Figure 21: Our wedding, Apsley Church, United Kingdom, 1962.

Figure 22: Herb and Ruth Simms at their Sydney home, 1965. Herb was the Director of the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs in the mid 1960s.

Figure 23: Norma’s parents, Beatrice and Ernest Foster visiting Australia, 1966.

Figure 24: Picnic at Wattamolla, Sydney, 1967: Eileen, Charlie and Hetti Perkins, Vincent Copley, me, John Moriarty and my son Aaron in front.

Figure 25: My mother at Melanka Hostel, Alice Springs, about 1970.

Figure 26: My Mardu family, circa 1970: my mother’s two brothers Percy and Intji are on the far left, and Uncle Cydika Warri.

Figure 27: Charlie Perkins and me at apartheid demonstration at Australia v South African Rugby match Sydney Cricket Ground, 1971.

Figure 28: St Francis House reunion, 1967: Father Smith second row, second from left.

Figure 29: Djabangardi. My Australia Party campaign photograph 1972. Authorised by PJ Graham, Mitchell Street, Darwin.

Figure 30: Federal election, 1972: George Bray and family and my campaign manager Len Smith in shorts.

Figure 31: Briscoe and Perkins family on holidays at Malua Bay, New South Wales, 1978: back row, from left to right Adam, Eileen, Aaron, Hettie, Norma, John, front row, Charlie, Rachel (my goddaughter), Lisa and me.

Figure 32: Farnham House, my son Aaron, Gary Foley and Kelly (Farnham House resident), 1983.

Figure 33: Self and Fred Hollows at the time of his Australian of the Year award, 1990.

Figure 34: My sons Aaron and John, mid 1990s.

Figure 35: My son Aaron and his partner Meredeth Taylor, 1993.

Figure 36: My daughter Lisa and self at her acceptance as ACT Barrister, 1996.

Figure 37: My PhD Conferral, Canberra, 1997: from left to right Sam (Jupurulla) brother, self, Michael Johnson, Norma, Roz and John Moriarty, Gabi Hollows, Mike Lynskey and John Balazs.

Figure 38: My grandson Mitchell Taylor-Briscoe and me on a cricket break, Canberra, 2001.

Figure 39: My brother Bill and Gerry Hill, Canberra, 2001.

Figure 40: My cousin Mary Ross (nee Swan) and Aaron, 2000.

Figure 41: My sister Jennifer Summerfield at Umuwa Pitjantjajara Homelands where she is a health worker and traditional artist, 2004.

Figure 42: Launch of my book Counting, Health and Identity: A history of Aboriginal health and demography in Western Australia and Queensland 1900-1940 at the Sydney Writers Festival, 2004: from left to right Julia Moriarty, Rosa (my goddaughter), Norma, Anna and Ruth Hollows and Kate Balazs.

Figure 43: Australia Day AO Award with my son Aaron on lawns of Government House, Canberra, 2004.

Figure 44: Australia Day AO Award 2004 at Government House, Canberra 2004: from left to right Governor General Michael Jeffrey, Dr Tom Gavranic, Millie Glenn, me, Norma and Mara Gavranic.

Figure 45: My brother Sam with his sons Sam and Leeroy, 2008.

Figure 46: My daughter Lisa, partner Shaun Wilde, and baby Jack at Glen Helen, 2005.

Figure 47: My eldest grandson Mitchell, 2009.

Figure 48: My grandson Jack and me at Malua Bay, New South Wales, 2008.

Figure 49: This is where it all began for me – Pembroke Street. I still recall my mother leaving me here in 1945. Self with friends Elaine and Geoff Ziersch, 2009.

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