The Workshop for Morality

Dindin Solahudin

Table of Contents

Preliminary pages
Notes on Foreign Language
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 The Study in Perspective
1.2 The Pesantren Tradition
1.3 Daarut Tauhid: A Pesantren Milieu
1.4 The Organisation of the Work
Chapter 2. Initial Stages and Foundation
2.1 The Founder: K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar
2.2 I’tikaf and Lailatul Qodar
2.3 The Dreams Involving the Prophet Muhammad
2.4 The Hajj and The Umrah
2.5 The Shilaturrahmi
2.6 The Foundation of Daarut Tauhid
Chapter 3. The Leader, the Followers, and the Pattern of Relationships
3.1 The Leader: Personal Qualities and Popularity
3.2 Ma’unah: the Miraculous Power of Aa Gym
3.3 The Followers: Numbers, Diversity, and Identity
3.4 The Followers: Reasons for Joining
3.5 The Patterns of Relationship
Chapter 4. Creative Expression Eschatological and Worldly Orientations
4.1 The World and Beyond: A Balance
4.2 Inner Dynamics: A Harmonious Combination
4.3 Modesty and Modernity: A Wonderful Combination
4.4 Multi-style Management: A Solid Combination
Chapter 5. Daarut Tauhid as the Bengkel Akhlaq Religion and Morality
5.1 Moral Decadence
5.2 Qolbun Salim: Qualities of Heart and Mind
5.3 Taushiyah Penyejuk Hati
5.4 Ritual Weeping: Nature and Structure
5.5 Ritual Weeping: Meaning and Function
Chapter 6. Conclusion
Selected Glossary