Agenda - Volume 15 | Number 3

Agenda - Volume 15 | Number 3

Editors: William Coleman and Alex Robson
Administration: Tony Wynack
Editorial Assistant: Scott Rutar

Agenda is a refereed, quarterly, JEL-indexed publication of the College of Business and Economics of The Australian National University. It provides a forum for the dissemination of policy-related research and debate in a form that is accessible to academic and non-academic readers alike. Contributions are welcome from analysts and practitioners in educational institutions, government and the private sector. Agenda represents a major part of the effort of the College of Business and Economics to establish links with the general public in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Applications for permission to reproduce items from Agenda should be addressed to the Editors.

Authors are invited to submit articles, notes or book reviews, but are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Editors beforehand. Manuscripts should be written in a brisk, plain-English style. Footnotes, tables and graphs should be used sparingly but the use of subheadings is encouraged. Guidelines for electronic submissions are available on request. All manuscripts are subject to a refereeing process. Manuscripts and editorial correspondence should be emailed to:

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Hard copies of Volume 15 (2008) and all subsequent volumes remain available for purchase by credit card at approximately $14.95 per issue. Please see the website for details. Consequent to these changes, Agenda is no longer collecting annual subscriptions. To keep up to date on the contents of forthcoming issues of Agenda, we are offering an email alert service, and cordially invite readers to sign up to the Agenda User Alert Service at

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Agenda articles are indexed in EconLit, the electronic database of the American Economic Association.

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