Timing is Everything

The Politics and Processes of New Zealand Defence Acquisition Making

Table of Contents

About the Author
Acronyms and Abbreviations
List of Figures and Tables
1. Introduction—The Policy Background and the Policy Framework
The Historical Background
Developing Nationhood: The inception of the United Nations, and the adoption of the Statute of Westminster
Developing Alliances: The ANZUS Pact, ANZAM and the South East Asia Treaty Organisation
South East Asia Treaty Organisation
Collective Security in Action: Confrontation, and the Vietnam War
Growing Independence: 1971–84
1984: ANZUS and Beyond
Through the 1990s and into the Twenty-First Century
Overview of Chapters
The Policy Framework
Forward Planning
2. The ANZACS, Part 1—The Frigate that wasn’t a Frigate
The Impact of the Fourth Labour Government, and the Frigate that wasn’t a Frigate
Evaluating the Alternatives
The Review Committee’s observations
Proposals to the Joint Project Management Team
The Frigate Debate
What’s in a name?
The Other Alternatives
The Frigate Decision
Implementation of the Project
The ANZAC Frigates in Service
3. Oranges and Lemons—HMNZS Charles Upham
Evaluating the Alternatives
HMAS Tobruk
HMNZS Charles Upham
Entering Service—The (sea) Trials of HMNZS Charles Upham
The Calliope South Windbreak
The Decision to Dispose of HMNZS Charles Upham
Reflections on the Purchase and Disposal of HMNZS Charles Upham
The Reviews
Was HMNZS Charles Upham a lemon?
4. ‘No, Minister….’—The ANZAC Frigates, Part II
The Second Frigate Decision
The 1996 MMP Election, the Impact of Coalition Government, and the Second Frigate Decision
The Third Frigate Decision
5. ‘The Deal of the Century’—The F-16s
History and Background
‘The Deal of the Century’—The Lease of the F‑16s
To Lease or Not to Lease—The 1999 Question
The Death of New Zealand’s ‘Flying Falcon’—The Final F-16 Decision
Disbanding the Air Combat Force
6. ‘I see no submarines’—Upgrading the Orions
History and Background
Project Kestrel
Project Sirius
The Failure of Project Sirius and its Metamorphosis into Project Guardian
The Orions in Action
The Upgrade
7. Plotting and Sedition, or Necessary Acquisition? The LAV IIIs
History and Background
Equipping an Expeditionary Force—Lessons from Bosnia
From Armoured Personnel Carrier to Infantry Fighting Vehicle—The Motorisation of the New Zealand Army
Assessing the Alternatives
Controversy and Accusation—The Purchase of the LAV IIIs
The Introduction into Service of the LAV IIIs
Teething problems
8. Politics and Processes: Reflections on the Characteristics of the Decision-Making Process
The Characteristics of the Decision-Making Process
The role of individuals
The role of officials
Appendix 1: Sole, Prime and Shared Responsibilities
Appendix 2: ANZAC Ship Baseline Characteristics
Major Characteristics
Fitted Equipment
Provision for Fitting of Equipment
Allowance for Fitting of Equipment
Appendix 3: User Requirement
Primary Purpose
General Requirements
Aviation and Boats
Military Items
Appendix 4: Recommendations of the Final Report of the Air Combat Capability Study—October 1998
Cabinet Papers
Personal Correspondence
Further Correspondence
Official Published Material
Speeches, Parliamentary Debates, Presentations and Press Releases
Television Program
Electronic Sources
Theses and Dissertations
Unpublished Material